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Athini and Wisteria’s Afternoon Tea Mystery Adventure by A. B. Milamalfi

Athini and Wisteria Cat Adventures series #1

Do you like books with unusual characters? Fashion, cats, and dogs?

Meet Athini and Wisteria, two young, beautiful, and glamorous “Sloane” EuroCat Fashionistas, living in prestigious Chelsea, and an impressive country “pile.” Along with their aristocratic owners they live the high life at home and abroad, enjoying all the must go to, posh social events. on the social calendar.

Athini and Wisteria’s Afternoon Tea Mystery Adventure is the debut book, in the Athini and Wisteria’s Cat Adventures series. While at the Tissori London Hotel— frequented by the rich and famous, for their quintessential afternoon tea, they find themselves embroiled in a mystery. With a little help from their friends they sniff out what’s happening.

They are very smart, playful, mischievous, and adventurous. Combining their love of fashion — high end of course; with their love of going to all the posh events and dos, they very often end up involved in escapades. At their social events they meet their furry cat and dog friends and have a wonderful time getting involved in mysteries and adventures. Enjoy meeting the Kittys on the first of their many adventures.

The kittys Athini and Wisteria also have great canine friends and in this first book you will get to meet one of them. Along with another special feline as they embark on solving the mystery.

Throughout the series you will get to know more of their canine and feline friends and learn more about their personalities and lives. Aswell as meeting many very unusual unique people and characters and get involved in all the escapades and mysteries entwining them all.


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The opinions expressed are not the author’s but that of the characters and pets, and intended for entertainment purposes only. We assume no responsibility or liability for any information contained in this book.

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