Meet the wonderful kittys, Athini and Wisteria. They are extraordinary and special!

Two very gorgeous, super smart, fashion loving cats. The main characters of the ebooks Athini and Wisteria’s Cat Adventures series. They have a full social life and travel the world with their owners getting involved in mysteries and adventures along the way. Their fun loving cat and dog friends are happy to help out in these escapades and in solving these mysteries.

Athini is a gorgeous fluffy black & white Tuxedo cat, with sea blue eyes. She tends to takes the lead.

Wisteria is a very fluffy gorgeous white Persian cat, with emerald green eyes and she’s a bit more cautious.

They love fashion, are both fun loving, adventurous, and extremely glamorous. They love going to all the posh events and getting embroiled in mysteries that they solve with their feline and canine friends. You’ll get to meet Mino, Alfredo, Rufus, Adelmo, Felipe and Fleur. Their good friends who have very distinct personalities too.

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Athini and Wisteria’s Milan Catwalk Mystery Adventure


Athini and Wisteria’s Cat Adventures Series #2

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Athini and Wisteria’s Afternoon Tea Mystery Adventure


Athini and Wisteria’s Cat Adventures Series #1

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Would you like to know some secrets about the kittys?

Athini would love to be as fluffy as Wisteria.

Athini often stands in front of Wisteria, to block some of Wisteria’s puffy fur.

Wisteria would love to be as bold and daring as Athini.

Wisteria would prefer to have a few extra naps but Athini is very active and always has plans.

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