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Fashion and how we present ourselves

I have always been a fashion lover. Since I was small, I always chose my own clothes and refused to wear whatever I didn’t like. I made clothes for my dolls and teddies out of fabric scraps and enjoyed styling them.

Fashion and what we wear is how we present ourselves to the world. It’s a way to express our personalities and feelings. Our moods and emotions are reflected through our choices of clothing. The reality is, that how you look and feel, is reflected in your choice of clothing and not just in the way that you walk or talk.

Clothes have a transformative effect. Putting on a sleek, sophisticated look tends to make one feel automatically more confident and capable. A crisp white shirt, blazer/smart jacket, paired with tailored trousers/smart trousers  — finished with a pair of boots or loafers presents a polished appearance — that you’re ready to take on the day. How you dress is very empowering and informative. Dressing down in jeans, t shirt, and trainers, or plimsolls signifies a more relaxed approach to the day. Putting a smart blazer on top immediately elevates the look, and you present a sharper more focused outlook.

The colours you choose tend to reflect your mood and lift your spirits. There are many articles on colour therapy and the meaning of colours. It’s no coincidence that post COVID lockdowns, the fashion houses sent the models down the runways in neon colours and vibrant yellow, oranges, pinks, and red. A colour boost to elevate and bring cheer to the world. Fuchsia and orange are still very much “in” this summer, boosting the happy positive summer vibes.

It’s not necessary to be a slave to fashion. Choose styles and colours that work for you and your body shape. If you don’t like a colour that’s “in” right now, but want to be fashionable, choose an accessory. It’s a smaller piece but still reflects the current trend. Most of us also have pieces in our wardrobes, matching the season’s favourite colour since they usually come around again, although lengths and styles might change. I have an old fuchsia dress that I have pulled out. It’s very much think pink right now. I enjoy its vivid colour and feel more vibrant and cheerful wearing it.

Fashion can be subtle, moderate, or excessive, in style. The main thing is, whatever you choose to wear, it’s important to feel comfortable and happy wearing it. If you feel good, you’ll look good. Fashion is a state of mind. It’s as much about expressing your personal style and yourself, as it is about perception. How you perceive yourself or how you are perceived by what you wear.

Enjoy wearing what you choose. 🙂


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